Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club

Sailing Club




Steve Rae


Newcastle, NSW

Club History

As far as Australian yacht clubs go NCYC’s history is relatively short still boasting rights as one of the newest yacht club’s in Australia and definitely the newest with significant club and marina assets. Established in 1994 NCYC took possession of waterfront land in 2001 and commenced development of its marina, commercial centre and club facilities over the following five years. In the ‘early days’ sailing was purely recreational however more organised racing commenced in 2004 and since then the NCYC has not looked back.

The Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club (NCYC) is located at Wickham in the all-weather, deep water working port of Newcastle. NCYC’s precinct includes a marina, shipyard and maintenance facilities, commercial centre and licensed yacht club.


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