Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

Sailing Club




Ian Cook


Auckland, New Zealand

Club History

In the year 1851 when the schooner “America” won the renowned cup in an invitation race around the Isle of Wight an unrelated event took place in Auckland, New Zealand.  A small group of yachtsmen were striving valiantly to keep a yacht club afloat, as recorded in a notice of a special meeting that appeared in the Auckland Southern Cross Journal. The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is New Zealand’s senior yacht club. Its enormous reputation on the international yachting scene ensures that the Squadron occupies a position of high prestige, nationally and internationally.

The Squadron’s trophy cabinets carry evidence of member’s skill and prowess in major regatta both in New Zealand and overseas as evidenced by the list of successes quoted. The Whitbread Trophy, the Admiral’s Cup, the Kenwood Cup, the Half; One and Two Ton Cups, the Sydney to Hobart Race, the Champagne Mumm World Cup – have all been won by Squadron representatives. We have been very proud to add the Louis Vuitton Trophy, the Thomas Lipton Cup, the Pell Cup (from Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Newport RI) and the America’s Cup to our collection, thanks to Team New Zealand’s success in San Diego in 1995, Auckland in March 2000 and Bermuda in June 2017.

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