Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Sailing Club




David Ward


Sydney, NSW

Club History

The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron was founded when nineteen yachtsmen met in the office of The Hon William Walker MLC on 8 July 1862, to found a yacht club to be designated ‘the Australian Yacht Club’. An application was made for a Royal Warrant and the Patronage of the Prince of Wales. On 27 June 1863 the Commodore, the Hon William Walker MLC, received a letter from the Colonial Secretary’s Office notifying him of the Prince of Wales’ willingness to become Patron of the ‘Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’. This letter also issued an Admiralty Warrant authorising the use of the Blue Ensign of Her Majesty’s Fleet. The present patron is HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

It was not until 1902 that the squadron was able to lease a property at Wudyong Point on the eastern side of Kirribilli, with a stone cottage, a landing stage and a slipway. The site was occupied on 24 January 1903. The whale’s jawbones, forming an archway over the pathway, had come from a whaling station at Twofold Bay. The flagstaff was salvaged from the collier Bellambi and presented by F.G.W. Waley Esq.

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